Coffee's Ready

I have a love-hate relationship with the Nespresso espresso maker I got for Christmas.  One the one hand, the coffee tastes fabulous, it’s fast (as espresso should be), it looks great in our kitchen, atnd it creates a beautiful crema – just see the next picture.  On the downside, it only works with these little coffee pods, which can only be purchased on-line from the Nespresso people, and costs you about 55¢ per cup!  But, they’ve got me hooked.  The fast, tasty, crema wins out over my distaste for their monopoly.  I’m on my way to replenish my supplies.

By the way, the word espresso is similar to the English word “express,” and conveys the sense of “just for you” and “quickly”.

These pictures were also an exercise in lighting, with some kit that I borrowed from Patrick.  If I knew what I was doing, they would have been better.

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