Tilted (Fish) Horizon


This time of year, when the trees are bare and shrubs are thin, I see this fish out my front window.  It’s not as close as you think (this was taken with 300mm lens) and is probably a 100% crop.  The house previously belonged to a sportsman, and he had this swordfish mounted in a pool area.  So why am I writing about this?  Because the fish has slipped down in the front and the new owners of the house either haven’t noticed or don’t care.  If you look close, you can see what looks to be about a one foot scrape on the wall from the dorsal fin. It’s the little things in life that irritate me the most!  Well, spring is coming and I won’t have to look at this much longer.

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One Response to Tilted (Fish) Horizon

  1. nihaojapan says:

    The fish is alive!! The foreground grasses look like splashed water! Fantastic telephoto fish hunting.

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