A Walk in the Park

Swinging Bridge on the Brandywine

A little history today folks… I grew up walking across this bridge on the Brandywine.  It’s called the “swinging bridge”  because back in the day it really did swing.  You could pull on the suspension cables and really set it to rockin’.  After the renovation of the bridge, not so much.  Here is a link to a picture that shows the bridge more as I remember it.  I remember the slatted foot boards and you can see the suspension cables that made it swing.

From what I can find in an article by Susan Mulchahey Chase, “The first Swinging Bridge was constructed in 1879 on the site that is now occupied by the stone arches of the B&O Railroad Bridge. Subscriptions from both employers and workers at mills on both sides of the river, those associated with Jessup & Moore on the north bank and with the Riddle textile factory on the south bank, paid for the original footbridge.  The bridge made it possible for workers living in Forty Acres to get to work in the paper mill and for mill workers who lived near the mills on the north side of the river to cross over and catch the horse- drawn trolley that ran into the city along Delaware Avenue.”

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2 Responses to A Walk in the Park

  1. Dan says:

    Did it swing when I was little or is that just my imagination?

    • Reese says:

      I’ve looked, but can’t find when the renovation was done. My recollection is that it was done in the 70’s, so before your time. I do know that we pulled on the struts when you were little, and it does still move a bit (you had to reach through the railing to get to the strut).

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