Avatar Landscapes

Floating Mountain

One of my photographic past-times (and one of the reasons I bought a new macro lens) is taking closeups of minerals looking for hidden landscapes.  This is one I took today, which reminds me of some of the surreal images from the movie Avatar.

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2 Responses to Avatar Landscapes

  1. You’ve just inspired me: the idea of “hidden landscapes” appeals a lot. I’ve just bought a macro lens as well, but didn’t think to use it for close-ups. That says something, unfortunately nothing good. But I’ve changed my ways…

  2. Reese says:

    I’ve always had a lot of fun with this, whether it’s rocks, grain patterns in wood, portions of flowers, or portions of the human body. One day I spent time just shooting the iris of people’s eyes, and got some very interesting results. One resulted in the iris plus a good reflection in the eye of me taking the picture (I titled it “Me and Iris”). Sometimes you come up with something really nice. I like the one in this post, the one in the next post not so much.

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