Smothers Brothers

Dickie Smothers' Bass

Had a chance to see the Smothers Brothers at the Grand Opera House on Monday and pick up a signed copy of the book about their career, “Dangerously Funny“, which focuses on their trouble with censors and the politicians during the shooting of their Comedy Hour show.  It was a great show, lots of laughs, and everything I expected it to be.  However, with the exception of a few jokes about Sarah Palin, I suspect that their show hasn’t changed much over the years.  I think Tommy is wearing the same Yo-Yo Man shirt that he wore when I saw him in Vegas ten years ago.  But we enjoyed it tremendously!

I could tell you that I put up a picture of Dick Smother’s bass because I respected the rules about “no photography during the show”, but that wouldn’t be true.  Fact is, I can’t figure out how to take good pictures of a well lit stage using my GF1.  It over exposes horribly.  If anyone has some suggestions, please pass them along.

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