Spring has Sprung at 5:32 (17:32)

It’s the first day of spring where I live.  It was a long snowy winter and we deserve the beautiful 70 degree weather today.  It’s also time to take inventory of what’s blooming on the vernal equinox.  This also means more pictures than usual!  First up is the crocus.  The old fashion crocus hasn’t appeared yet, but these hybrids are quite nice.

The real fun is in the native plants.  I’m really not sure what this flower is.  I was told it was a “Star of David”, but it only has five petals.  I found this one nestled in a rock border in the garden. If anyone knows what it really is, please let me know.

A lot of folks miss the fact that maples bloom early in the spring.  This is the bloom of a silver maple.  These blooms are less than 1/4 inch across.

The last one is not in my garden – I noticed that the first African violet of the spring has bloomed.

For those who don’t like photographs of flowers – I apologize, but I have spring fever!  Tomorrow we may have forsythia and cherry blossoms.

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5 Responses to Spring has Sprung at 5:32 (17:32)

  1. Jean Toy says:

    Beautiful pictures. Almost makes me want to get out and do some much-needed yard work–ALMOST.

  2. Devon says:

    I want some prints of those gorgeous blue-violet flowers!! I could stare forever…

  3. Linn says:

    I love this photo. One of my favorites!

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