Spring, Not Spring

Last weekend, the temperatures were in the 70s.  Next weekend, the temperatures are forecast to be in the 70s.  Our weekend in Manhattan? Below freezing. It was cold enough to open the ice rink in Central Park. The trees, flowers and shrubs are understandably confused. To bloom or not to bloom, that is the question…

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4 Responses to Spring, Not Spring

  1. That would explain the glove in the “I’ve been here before” post. The sharp line between the ice rink and the park as well as the winter and spring aesthetics makes it seem as if you combined two different photos.

    I’m curious, do you frame photos in 1:1 or crop them later?

  2. Reese says:

    “I’m curious, do you frame photos in 1:1 or crop them later?”


    For me, it really depends on the compositional complexity, how well I can “see” the picture and how much action there is. It also depends on if I’m planning to put the picture on the wall. I have a small photo gallery in my home and I rotate pictures in and out every month or so. For the blog, I really prefer the 1:1.

    This one was cropped later. The juxtaposition of spring and winter was easy, but I was also interested in the skaters and wasn’t sure where they would be in the final photograph. A lot of the skater pairings were quite Norman Rockwell-ish. Look at the parents and child in the right foreground, the single skater in the left foreground, the brother and sisters in the middle, the one who has fallen down in the rear right, the couple against the back wall (if you can see all that). I’m not good enough to capture that all at once. I took the shot and then cropped for the best later.

    When things sit still, I shoot 1:1 if the subject allows. The flower photos (the daffodil you liked) were shot 1:1, as well as a lot of other things I haven’t posted.

    One final note – I’m trying to master my GF1 with prime lenses. If my feet can’t get close enough, I’ll shoot 2×3 and then crop.

    Thanks for asking, It really made me think about why I do what I do.

  3. Reese, thanks for taking time out from your trip for such a detailed answer. The skater pairings work very well: none of them are large enough to be THE subject of the photo, so each individual or group draw your attention one after the other. I really like your 1:1 images, but haven’t done much in this format myself. Like you say, it makes sense to shoot 1:1 from the outset if you have time for careful framing. I guess I’ve tended not to use 1:1 framing because of the small preview image on Panasonic’s 3:2 screen. It would be nice if you could at least have all the exposure information as well as the histogram (which is the only thing that can be moved) off the photo and in the black borders when shooting 1:1. Still, I’ll have to try working in 1:1. That leaves only one question: why square?

    • Reese says:

      Why square? You ask good questions! I’m going to include an answer in tomorrow’s post. I’m back home now – it was just a long weekend away.

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