Orchid Tree

As father of the groom, you’re not responsible for much (the new in-laws carry the burden).  I was responsible for the rehearsal dinner, libations at the wedding reception, and the flowers…  I was taken aback when I found that the biggest expense of the three was the flowers.  Go figure!  The flowers were absolutely beautiful, but I think the cost was as much in the labor as in the flora itself.  In this picture, you see a tree in the reception courtyard that was covered with orchids.  Each orchid had been individually threaded and hung from the limbs with care.  I felt an obligation to warn other fathers of the groom out there.

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2 Responses to Orchid Tree

  1. I hope the cost of the flowers didn’t eat into your photographic equipment fund 🙂 What I really like about this photo is that it is all in various greens, from turquoise to lime green. The cool and warm tones balance each other out nicely.

  2. nihaojapan says:

    Wow, it’s surely a romantic way to decorate orchids in this way. And it’s super expensive indeed! I guess the figure may go around $2,000 – $3,000. In Japan, the average wedding cost is around $30,000 – $40,000, and the wedding flowers are one of the most expensive costs too.

    Oh, I want to let you know I love orchid very much. In China, I planted different kinds of orchids. When I was boy, I used to watch my father planting orchids. This is a flower which has strong influence to Chinese classical literature. It often appears in classical paintings, poems, songs and even silk embroideries.

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