Facebook Photographic Revolution

I’m pretty amazed at the convergence of social networking and digital photography.  The recent wedding weekend involved four different events. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, a picnic, the wedding and reception, and an after-wedding brunch. At each of these, folks were snapping pictures and posting them on Facebook or other social networking sites.

I did a quick analysis of just the wedding and reception pictures.  Keep in mind (if you’re familiar with Facebook) that I can generally only find pictures from folks who are “friends”.  The first pictures were posted during the ceremony and reception from an iPhone.  Within 24 hours, 7 individual photographers with point-and-shoot digital cameras posted 517 photographs, and that doesn’t count what I took or the thousand or so shots from the professional photographer hired by Pat and Ash.  I have no idea how many additional pictures were shot at the other wedding events.

Now contrast that with my and Marianne’s wedding.  We couldn’t afford a professional photographer so we hired a friend who shot public interest for the local newspaper.  After he lost a third of the negatives, and counting photographs shot with a 110 camera, we have maybe a dozen good shots.

Affordability, quality output by the inexperienced, pocketability, and digital convenience means that people are able to document their lives at an unprecedented rate.  Widespread use of social networking like Facebook means these photographs  can be shared with your social commune immediately.  It’s a wonderful, magical, photographical time.

By the way, the photo today was included in the postings of all 7 photographers I studied.  It was a special light stencil created for the wedding that shone on the dance floor.  I’m positive my version was the best.

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One Response to Facebook Photographic Revolution

  1. nihaojapan says:

    I just love your shot! It made me excited and I wish I were there!

    I totally agree with what you said about digital times of photography. The game is changed, especially with sensor plus router!

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