The honeysuckle vine is also in full bloom.  I love their looks and I love their smell even more.  The aroma fills the air in the back yard.  As kids, we used to pinch out the back of the blossoms and suck the sweet nectar. Unfortunately, this is the extremely invasive Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) that will cover anything it grows on in a couple of years.  My routine is to enjoy them in the spring and then spend the summer tearing them out.  I’m not terribly diligent in my destruction, so there’s always a few vines that come back every year.

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One Response to Honeysuckle

  1. Sherry E. says:

    Now you’ve got the flower I was hoping you’d photograph. I have about 1,000′ of tree line behind my house and it’s interspersed with explosions of this stuff – one of my favorites. It climbs all over the native Persimmons, Norway maples and everything else but never takes them down so the birds and I enjoy the show and the nectar (btw, you can do that same nectar-stealing thing with lilac blossoms).

    Thanks, Reese –
    Sherry E.

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