Monet Lobelia

For the small handful of people who read this blog, I apologize for my recent inactivity.  I’m finishing up a big system implementation at work that is commanding 110% of my attention.  Not that I’ve stopped taking pictures – I just don’t find time to look through what I’ve taken and find something that’s blog-worthy!

This one surprised me.  I wish I could say it was intentional, but it was a macro shot in low light that was blurred.  However, I liked it quite a bit.  It reminded me of any number of impressionist paintings.  It’s like a 100% crop of something by Monet.  I particularly like the definition on the flower edges, and I like the leaf composition at the top.

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One Response to Monet Lobelia

  1. PAT says:

    So whats the deal! All the flowers die? I think its time to get some more posts going!

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