Milkweed is going to seed and it’s the time of year to find lots of critters enjoying the milkweed.  These are Oleander aphids (Aphis nerii) feeding on a milkweed leaf.  The smaller ones in this picture are no bigger than the head of a pin.  Milkweed contains a toxin that these cartoonish little aphids absorb.  The toxin is harmful to spiders and whatnot that feed on the aphids causing, for example, ladybugs to develop deformed wings and spiders to weave strange disrupted webs.

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2 Responses to Oleander

  1. Sherry E. says:

    The incredible Monarch butterly also pupates on milkweed, aka asclepias, and I leave big patches of it to bloom on my land for just that reason. Not the neatest acreage on Highway 8 but among the most critter friendly.

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