Smartweed Critter

This is a smartweed caterpillar that I encountered during a visit to the DuPont Environmental Education Center on the Christina Riverfront.  It’s a gaudy caterpillar that turns into a rather drab and insipid moth.

I’ve noticed that I’m taking an awful lot of insect and nature pictures lately, so I’ve created a new blog site just dedicated to that.  It’s called Delaware Naturalist, so give it a look.  My plan is  to return this blog to it’s original focus on experiments and such and leave the bugs on the new blog.  Let me know what  you think.

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2 Responses to Smartweed Critter

  1. That’s a smart looking blog, Reese. I like your macro photography and keep thinking I should do more myself. Do you use a tripod for a lot of your macros?

    • Reese says:

      Thanks! I hope to have fun with both the new and old blogs. I like to use a tripod for macro whenever I can, but much of what I photograph doesn’t cooperate. Because of the depth of field differences, I’m more apt to try to use a tripod with the D300 than the GF1, although I usually carry a small tabletop tripod for use with he GF1 – it usually doesn’t work out. Without the tripod, it just takes more attempts to get an acceptable photograph.

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