Electronic Arts

Me and my iPad are pretty much inseparable. It checks my email, keeps my calendar, and shows me movies.  Six of the last seven books I’ve read have been electronic.  Even though I subscribe to the News Journal and the Sunday New York Times, I haven’t read either of them in hard copy for months (except the comics!).

My most recent find is creative software for the iPad.  The photo above was created using an app called “Art in Motion“.  You create a scene by touch, adding elements and their characteristics.  You control the number and the variety.  And you set it in motion!  A whole new approach to interactive art production is here.  I’m sure it’s been done on desktop (and larger) computers, but this is happening on a low end consumer device!  As the developer says, “art should evolve with technology”. Way cool!

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One Response to Electronic Arts

  1. That really is spectacular artwork! I read all of my books on a plain e-reader with one of those boring b/w screens. Sigh…

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