Christmas Mandala

Tilted Horizon is one-year old today and I’m celebrating with a photo mandala for Christmas.  I started with the idea of doing ‘a photo a day, for most days…’ but haven’t come close.  It’s more like 140 pictures, which is roughly every 2.5 days.  I’m not making a resolution or nothing, but I hope to at least equal last year’s production.  I’m off until the new year, so there’s no reason for me not to be pretty regular until then.

The thing about having this photoblog is that it does force me to look at the world in pictures more often, and gives me a reason to explore different techniques and perspectives on photography.  That’s not a bad thing.

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4 Responses to Christmas Mandala

  1. No, that’s not a bad thing at all. Merry Christmas and congratulations on your one year anniversary, Reese.

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  3. I’m a SmugMug Daily Photo person. I searched Google for Christmas Mandala and thought this one you did is great. A few of mine are here:
    10/06/12 - Butterfly Mandala Take TwoMy Blog: Googled 'mandala templates' and found a bunch out there.  The one I used for today's daily seemed to have a reasonable amount of sections to fill in.  Some had a huge number and even though they were pretty, I steered clear of them.  I used 5 different butterfly photos (swallowtail, sulphur, monarch, and fritillary) to fill in the template.  Most of the sections have original color except the sulphur one which I tinted from yellow to orange.  I like how it turned out, but I'm not thrilled with it.  It doesn't wow me. I started following around with various things in PSE.  I duplicated the butterfly wheel, rotated it 90 degrees to the right, and applied a difference filter to the rotated layer.  Boy did that produce some awesome colors! I think I tried an invert and a poster filter and a couple of other filters plus using color variations to create the same image in many colors.  I don't know what I thought I was going to do with those...Which is your favorite color?  I really like the pink one below.  Donnie thought the blue one was best.  I think the sun points and the layer outside of them need more contrast between them in the fully colored ones something I didn't really see until this AM. SmugMug LinkSmugMug LinkSmugMug LinkSmugMug LinkSmugMug LinkThis is the template I used for the daily.  Thanks for all your supportive comments on my efforts to try these mandalas this week.HAGD,Maryann

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