I’m always on the lookout for an Islay Scotch or great American bourbon that I haven’t tasted.  One of the highest rated bourbons has been impossible to find in the Delaware Valley… until now!  I came across a single bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20-year old at a local store and snatched it up.

This bourbon received a Platinum medal at the International Review of Spirits and a 99 rating.  On tasting, it’s clearly a bourbon but has a variety of aromas and tastes that make it unusual – very smooth and a bit of chocolate fudge.  Here’s what the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago had to say:

“Beautiful copper color with an olive cast. Lavish aromas of caramelized pecans, chocolate fudge, and rich baking spices. A bold, powerful entry leads to a dryish full body of intense dried fruits, buttery praline, vibrant baking spices. Finishes with a seemingly endless and evolving cascade that introduces notes of cigar box, sweet tobacco, leather, dried tangerine, and so on… In short, a monumental bourbon.”

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