Good Night, Irene!

Does anyone other than me feel that all the televised hype and doomsaying about Irene on television was out of proportion with the actual event? I returned to vacation only to find the beach still closed. What I didn’t find was any indication that a damaging hurricane had just blown through. It was a couple of hours after Governor Jack gave the a lll-clear sign, but there were no down power lines, no cottages swept into the bay, no streets littered with roof shingles and no flooding. Hell, the ground wasn’t even damp.

It was more like someone said “Hey, there’s a windy storm thing off in the Atlantic, and sometimes when this happens beaches get torn up and stuff. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, but maybe if we talk about the potential for bad things, more people will watch us on television and our viewership will go up and we’ll sell more advertising and be able to charge more for it!”

I don’t want to minimize the deaths and damage that did occur (my neighbors are going to be spending thousands of dollars because of a fallen tree that hit their house), but I think the weather pornography promoted by the Weather Channel and its ilk served the interest of the media more than the interest of the public. I’m irritated that they were able to get me so hot and bothered about Irene that I watched storm news for about eight hours straight. Damn you, Hurricane Schwartz!

In any case, here is a picture of the beach behind that sign. Pretty menacing, huh?

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One Response to Good Night, Irene!

  1. Donna says:

    This picture is amazing! The light is perfect.

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