Ojai Berries

Every time we visit Ventura County, I have the urge to move here.  If I were to pick a location, it would probably be the town of Ojai.  In addition to the weather, beautiful scenery, and a very laid back, semi-reral lifestyle, Ojai is in the center of southern California agriculture. We visited the Ojai farmer’s market this morning and were amazed at the overwhelming variety of produce.  I would give almost anything to have one third of their variety within driving distance of Wilmington.  All of it is organic, and all was picked over the past few days.  I counted eight varieties of pepper and nine varieties of tomato on one table. It’s enough to make a man turn vegitarian!

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2 Responses to Ojai Berries

  1. The rich textures and colours of the fruit structured by the grid of their boxes is fantastic. Excellent mix of colours; the stronger the colour the less there is of it. Placing the reds and yellows to the right creates a movement through the photo. I like it a lot.

    • Reese says:

      You’re giving me much more credit that I’m due on this one! I just took two different compositions and picked the one I liked most. I didn’t consciously place a particular color in the composition.

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