Velveeta Underground

During the holidays, eating habits go to hell in a hand basket! We decided to make a sinful (to us) dinner the other day with a menu including porterhouse steak, baked potato with sour cream, and broccoli with cheese sauce.  So what was that recipe for the cheese sauce?  The way my mother made it, it involved Velveeta (that liquid gold of processed cheese).  Off to the grocery store!  I spent fifteen minutes browsing the cheese aisle.  There were rows and rows of Cracker Barrel, Boars Head, Cabot and even Kerrygold, but no Velveeta… I finally used my iPhone to Google ‘what aisle is Velveeta in?’  Turns out it’s in the pasta aisle (thank you Google).  It’s the only ‘cheese’ that doesn’t require refrigeration.

A little more research revealed that Velveeta is a ‘pasteurized process cheese product’.  That’s something that doesn’t rise to the standard of ‘pasteurized process cheese food’, much less real cheddar.  And the Velveeta underground?  Another bit of Velveeta trivia:  About 5% of the population buys about 75% of all Velveeta sold in the United States.

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2 Responses to Velveeta Underground

  1. Without the explanation about Velveeta, I would have thought this was haute cusine. Great photo; the out of focus frame on the right balances out the slightly asymmetrical broccoli while the yellow sauce is flowing to the left. Happy New Year, Reese.

    • Reese says:

      Thanks, Björn.  You also have a happy new year and a productive 2012. I look forward to your future travels and photographs.

      That broccoli took four exposures and a bit of cropping to get what I wanted. I hope to improve next year. Maybe two exposures and no cropping…

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