Clickity-Clack is Back

My old Mac keyboard was full of crud with sticking and unresponsive keys.  I had some real writing to do, so I dug out an old circa 1990 Northgate Omni mechanical keyboard that was stored away.

Couldn’t get it working with the Mac, but the attempt reminded me why I kept this keyboard around for over 20 years.  It’s a mechanical keyboard with excellent tactile feedback that makes touch typing so productive – there’s never any doubt when you’ve engaged a key. It’s a very satisfying typing experience that I’ve been missing for a long time. The mechanical switches do make a bit of noise however, but I find that pleasing as well.

After a little research an reviewing the reviews, I found a current generation mechanical keyboard that is built for the Mac!  Das Keyboard (for Mac) takes its place in a line of keyboards for typists that includes the IBM Selectric typewriter, The IBM Model M keyboard that came with the original PC and the Northgate Omni that improved on the Model M.

If you’ve in the market for a new keyboard, never used a mechanical one, and if you’re more than a casual writer, do yourself a favor and give Das Keyboard a try. Stop by and try mine if you’re in the neighborhood. I’m a happy typing camper.

P.S. – It’s awfully shiny

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