S#!thole on the Side of the Road

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Show of hands! How many people have been to St. John?  Hmmm…  Quite a few.  I understand that. It’s a beautiful place, largely untouched by commerce and technology. OK, how many have been to Salt Pond?  Hmmm…  The numbers drop off. I understand that too. It’s on the other side of the island and pretty far from the Westin!

So, you’ve stayed too long at Salt Pond. It’s early afternoon and you should’ve left before the sun turned and it got really hot. But you were diverted by that hike to Drunk Bay where you made a nude coral replica of your wife, and spent too much time in Salt Pond snorkeling for turtles, conch and squid. You make the trek up that hill, jump in the car, crank up the AC, and head for wherever home is for the week.

Big mistake! What you should have done is drive for about 30 seconds (as advertised) and pull into the St. John oasis known as the Tourist Trap.

Run by a New Hampshire expat named Larry, the Trap is a well-decorated shack from which delicious food mysteriously appears, protected by a wooden table laden with the makings for traditional and Trap-inspired island drinks. Customers sit under a pole-tent in front of the bar. The seating area might accommodate 30-40 people, but someone would probably be out in the sun. Pretty laid back, as an island drinking and eating establishment has to be!

Although out of the way, The Tourist Trap was good enough to visit twice. Everything we had is to be recommended, but if you only stop once, you have to try the pulled pork, either as a sandwich or as a topping for the Trap Dog (personal favorite).  Fish tacos were the best on the island and the lobster roll was over loaded with very sweet crustacean. Finish the meal with the ice cream, homemade locally using a secret recipe.

If you can’t visit in the near future, you can follow the comings and goings of the Trap on their Facebook page.

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