“Tilted Horizon” is about the part of me that is an amateur photographer – amateur in the sense that I have no formal training and don’t get paid to take pictures.  But I love making photographs and have done so for the past thirty years or so.  To quote Garry Winogrand, “I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs.” You sometimes start with one thing in mind, only to come up with something completely different.

Since photography is not a job, and there’s nothing to make me take pictures, I tend to work at it when the mood strikes me.  I started this site in December 2009 to produce a picture a day (on most days) to get more regular about my picture taking.

A tilted horizon is also a common mistake of beginning photographers and I chose this as the title of this site to remind me that I am and will always will be an amateur at this.

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