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Another Pondhawk

Late June is when I start to see dragonflies in the yard.  The only one I seem to be able to photograph is the common Pondhawk.  Not that I’m complaining…

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Smartweed Critter

This is a smartweed caterpillar that I encountered during a visit to the DuPont Environmental Education Center on the Christina Riverfront.  It’s a gaudy caterpillar that turns into a rather drab and insipid moth. I’ve noticed that I’m taking an … Continue reading

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This is another tiny butterfly – again less than an inch from top to bottom. Half the fun is figuring out what I took a picture of, and this time I’m going with “Spring Azure”.  Not quite as blue as … Continue reading

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Not a great shot, but about the best I could get with this bug.  I found him flitting around the garden, and planted myself in front of a twig he seemed to visit frequently.  I’m pretty sure it’s a Blue … Continue reading

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Milkweed is going to seed and it’s the time of year to find lots of critters enjoying the milkweed.  These are Oleander aphids (Aphis nerii) feeding on a milkweed leaf.  The smaller ones in this picture are no bigger than … Continue reading

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Robber Fly

It’s going to be bugs for awhile… Unlike the last one, I do know what this insect is.  It’s a robber fly (a Diptera in the family Asilidae).  This one has caught and is eating a small moth. The fly … Continue reading

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I think I’m back – at least on the weekends.  I finished up the system implementation that was consuming my time and I changed jobs.  I’m managing a new system project that is projected to take three years.  I may … Continue reading

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