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Goodbye WordPress (Hello WordPress)!

I wanted a bit more control over the photo blog, so I’ve migrated over to a self-hosted site using  It doesn’t look much different for now, but it has a new link: Come visit!

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S#!thole on the Side of the Road

Show of hands! How many people have been to St. John?  Hmmm…  Quite a few.  I understand that. It’s a beautiful place, largely untouched by commerce and technology. OK, how many have been to Salt Pond?  Hmmm…  The numbers drop … Continue reading

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Clickity-Clack is Back

My old Mac keyboard was full of crud with sticking and unresponsive keys.  I had some real writing to do, so I dug out an old circa 1990 Northgate Omni mechanical keyboard that was stored away. Couldn’t get it working … Continue reading

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You Got My Number

  It took awhile, but I finally have a porcelain replica black-and-white plate.  For those not from Delaware, they’re a bit tricky to get with a reasonably low number unless you know somebody (thanks Terry!).  Folks in Delaware are a … Continue reading

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The Incredible Pastured Egg

Corn is going to be the death of us. About seven years ago, I was told to change my diet for health reasons. In particular, I was told to significantly reduce my intake of omega-6 fatty acids and increase the … Continue reading

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How I Spent St. Paddy’s

Instead of the cold and mist that usually accompanies St. Patrick’s Day, we were able to open the deck early and enjoy warm weather and drinks on the porch.

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Mushrooms and More Mushrooms

I’m a bit of a foodie, so I love the fact that a Whole Foods Market is now in the neighborhood!  You can’t beat their variety, although I may need to pick up a part-time job to shop there. As … Continue reading

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